ATEL Ventures
Investing in Tomorrow’s Technology Today

ATEL Ventures Inc, (“AVI”), a division of ATEL Capital Group, is a leading provider of venture debt and equipment financing to emerging growth companies. AVI is a primary source of non-dilutive capital across the landscape of venture capital investments. We are industry and stage agnostic having provided capital to companies in Information Technology, Life Sciences, Energy, Agriculture, Material Sciences, and Consumer Product & Services.

AVI provides debt for all stages of a company’s development across a wide range of industries. The emerging companies in our portfolio include everything from early stage Series A to late stage growth enterprises as well as those preparing for an Initial Public Offering.

ATEL Ventures partners with venture capital firms to support pre-IPO and growth companies from the ground up. Our equipment and growth capital loans provide capital which allow our borrowers to successfully create the game changing innovations of tomorrow. We strategize with our clients to structure loans with flexible terms removing many of the restrictions and depository requirements of commercial banks and other financial institutions. Our experience and expertise gives our portfolio companies access to a unique of array of services, products, and investors throughout the world.

As one of the most stable, experienced non-bank lenders in the country today, ATEL Ventures has a 20 year track record of making venture debt and equipment loans available to America’s leading emerging growth companies.

Equipment Loans

ATEL Ventures is one of the few providers of stand-alone equipment loans that allow our clients borrowing capabilities beyond growth capital loans.

Venture Debt

Venture debt provides companies with non-dilutive growth capital in order to extend their cash runway. This allows our clients additional time to achieve their next value driving milestone while minimizing shareholder dilution.

Financial innovation, flexibility and streamlined decision making distinguish ATEL Ventures from our competition. Our strategic focus is to serve the venture-backed, emerging growth markets with a broad range of financial products and structures.